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"Kathy Allan is a skilled and compassionate teacher, bringing complex concepts and a powerful subject/field (trauma) down to earth for people working with clients with a trauma history. Her sense of humor and patient listening skills are outstanding."


Jeri Lawson HTCP

"Great class, inspiring teacher.  Kathy was informative, well organized and the techniques were profoundly effective. I look forward to implementing them in my practice."

Phyllis Mabbett RN,Ph.D

"Kathy teaches with openness, humor, compassion; and the kind of knowledge that comes from direct experience. And she does it in a field of gentle holding, which is needed in exploring trauma in our lives. I’ve come away from her courses with a lot of self compassion and acceptance."

Paula West, MD

"Kathy Allan is a wonderful teacher.  She has a great way of taking some very serious material and making it fun.  She is very willing to allow students to share their expertise to supplement what she is saying.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class!!!" 

Dee Gerken MSN, NP, HTCP/I

"I found Kathy Allan to be a competent and caring instructor.  She was able to convey the material in a clear manner that allowed me to feel comfortable using the material she shared with the class. " 

Yvonne Wultz RN, BSN, HTCP/I

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