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Trauma-Free Nursing

The time for trauma-free nursing is here…
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and that time is now!

Safe Working Environment

Work-Life Balance

Right Tools

It’s time to stop struggling with…

  • Inability to give good care due to deliberate short staffing

  • Feeling unsupportive by hospital management

  • Moral wounding from unsafe hospital policies that endanger patients

  • Fear of workspace violence from patients, families or staff

  • Fear of making an error resulting in harming a patient, losing your license or being convicted as a criminal

It’s time to discover how you can have a nursing practice that honors your wisdom, values your health  and benefits your patients.

Trauma Free Nursing

Imagine a nursing practice where…You work in an environment that feels safe. Your heart smiles when you think abut going to work. You can give the kind of nursing care you were born to give.

With the Right Tools, Nursing Rules.

Trauma Education Simplified

The felt sense neurophysiology of traume

New tools for the prevention and treatment of traumatization.

The relationship between betrayal, shame, and exploitation.


With SUPPORT implement the power of the 12 Steps of Healing Care.

Give voice to your purpose, passion, and wisdom.


It's a Gift

The unconditional love of the Divine manifesting in our lives, either for our benefit or for the benefitof those we care for.

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The GOOD NEWS is that trauma is an injury to your nervous system that can be healed.



Nursing Programs

Trauma-Free Nursing Programs

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5 Steps to Trauma-Free Nursing

5 Steps to Trauma-Free Nursing is a blueprint to show nurses how to stop job related traumatization. It is a guide to help nurses create a safe healthcare environment for themselves and for their their patients. 

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Simple Tools for Healing Trauma

Learn how to settle your nervous system when you are feeling distressed.  Working with the nervous system in the here-and-now is more effective than working with and telling the trauma story.

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Healing Your Traumatizerd Heart Image.jpg

Healing Your Traumatized Heart

This class is for anyone who has ever suffered from wounding to their heart. Learn gentle approaches to heal your heart. Learn gentle approaches to heal your heart and soothe your spirit.

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Group Coaching Program Photo by Jill Wellington

Trauma-Free Nursing Coaching Program

Get the support you need to be trauma-free! Learn how to accelerate your progress and meet your goals with an experienced trauma coach.

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Energy Medicine Team Healing

A team approach to healing is the wave of the future. Learn how to expand your skills to meet the needs of your whole community.

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Image by Chandler Cruttenden

Energy Medicine Disaster Relief Team

An elite team of energy medicine practitioners specially trained to work in disaster situations. We create safety in the midst of chaos.

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